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Stacey Greenberg

Owner | FITmama Coach

Meet Stacey Greenberg, a fitness enthusiast and devoted mother embracing the fusion of yoga and strength training. Formerly a stressed-out advertising strategist turned stay-at-home mom, Stacey intimately understands the intricacies of balancing a vibrant life. Certified in yoga instruction (RYT 200) and specializing in Coaching the Postpartum Client, she's excited to introduce a unique FITmama workout, blending yoga's tranquility with invigorating strength training.

Stacey's personal journey with FITmama started as a passionate participant, captivated by the program's empowering community and its impact on her life. Motivated by her own transformation, she transitioned to become a dedicated FITmama coach, embodying the life-changing essence of the program.

Join Stacey on this yoga-inspired fitness journey with FITmama and unlock the transformative power of holistic wellness and motherhood empowerment. Take the first step today towards a healthier, more empowered you and maybe even catch sight of her kitten Nico running the background of a video or virtual class!


Book a class with Stacey today! Come play!

Stacey Greenberg
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