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Flow through a vibrant mix of cardio and strength! Embrace the fun, embrace the sculpt.

  • 1 h
  • 20 US dollars
  • Zoom|Oak Meadow Park


Join us for SCULPTmama, a fusion of traditional yoga/Pilates and dynamic strength training. It's not your typical serene yoga—it's vibrant, energetic, and a fitness boost. Sweat it out for better cardiovascular health, stronger muscles, and enduring vitality. This class combines cardio, strength training, and low-impact moves, delivering a well-rounded end-of-week workout.

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Please consult with a physician to ensure you are cleared for physical activity. Listen to your body. Ask for modifications when something does not feel right. Stop when something hurts. FITmama trainers are NOT doctors, medical professionals, or physical therapists. We can not consult on injury corrections.

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