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Express STRENGTHmama

20 min, heartpumping full body at home workout sure to amp up your nap time routine!

  • 20 min
  • 10 US dollars
  • Zoom


Want to get moving but have little time to spare? Join us online for this quick and effective full body workout. It may be 20 mins but it will jump your heart rate up pretty quickly. It’s the perfect complement to a busy schedule and can be taken during mini's nap time! Plus find the recording in our on-demand classes if you miss it live.

Upcoming Classes


Please consult with a physician to ensure you are cleared for physical activity. Listen to your body. Ask for modifications when something does not feel right. Stop when something hurts. FITmama trainers are NOT doctors, medical professionals, or physical therapists. We can not consult on injury corrections.

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